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Wrong website? If you are looking for the other Beggars Hill group, which started in 2001 at Gdynia in Poland, click here.


This is the story of the Beggars' Hill folk-rock album from 1976 which is now much sought-after by collectors of vinyl records. In 2010 it was professionally restored and officially released on CD for the first time by Talking Elephant Records.

What's new on the website?

19 June 2010

Life After Beggars' Hill webpages now added for Jo and Chris Walker, Marc Isherwood and Neil Stanford, all accessed from The Group webpage.

14 February 2010

Changes to the After Beggars' Hill and Acknowledgements webpages - Talking Elephant Records have now released Beggars' Hill on CD. Links added on all Beggars' Hill webpages to the Talking Elephant website.

25 January 2010

Changes to the After Beggars' Hill webpage - Talking Elephant Records to release Beggars' Hill on CD.

17 October 2008

New email address for Beggars' Hill - - it's a bit friendlier than! Please use the new address for future emails.

02 October 2008

New webpage created for Life After Beggars' Hill - David Frohnsdorff, to replace the temporary pdf file. The new page contains more photos but should load more quickly. It is accessed from a link on "The Group" webpage.

01 October 2008

To reduce the small number of errors a few readers have experienced when loading webpages, some of these have been renamed, as the server is case-sensitive. If you have bookmarked a page and receive an error message, you should bookmark the page again with the renamed file. To make this easier, I have created a customised error page with up to date links. This will also help with any error messages from Google searches which may occur until they have updated their records. Apologies for any temporary inconvenience, but the new arrangement should give a more reliable service.

01 September 2008

The day after the website was listed on the "Time Has Told Me" blog, the website was swamped with 1775 hits, and exceeded my bandwidth limit for the whole month in just one day. My website host had to close the website for one day, until I changed to a tariff with a higher bandwidth allowance. Apologies for any inconvenience.

30 August 2008

Following listing of this website on Google, interesting email received from the USA, so new webpage created for this and any future emails which may be of interest to other readers.

20 June 2008

Changes to The Group webpage, with links to new pages Life After Beggars' Hill for John Davis and Peter Sharp, each with links to websites for their other projects.

Changes to Recording The Album and King Bill Folk Club webpages, each with added memories by John Davis, including some of the late lamented Peter Bellamy.

02 June 2008

Minor changes to improve speed of loading pages, removing some thumbnails for which larger images are available elsewhere on the website, and reducing sizes of some large photos.

29 May 2008

Launch of website. Hopefully everything works OK. If not, please let me know by email to and I will try to fix it. Likewise for any errors and omissions.

When there is time, I hope to add some more audio files of music from Flyntlocke and the King Bill Folk Club (after cleaning up the original recordings made on a low-quality cassette recorder).

I'm also hoping that as many as possible of the eleven people who performed on the Beggars' Hill album will write about their lives since 1976 - at that time most of us were students or trainees and just about to make major changes in our lives.

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Dave Frohnsdorff (bass) & Neil Stanford (electric guitar)
Dave Frohnsdorff (bass) & Neil Stanford (electric guitar)

Pete Roberts (drums) & Neil Stanford (standing) during a break in rehearsals
Pete Roberts (drums) & Neil Stanford (standing) during a break in rehearsals

JM Davis (bass)
JM Davis (bass)