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This is the story of the Beggars' Hill folk-rock album from 1976 which is now much sought-after by collectors of vinyl records. In 2010 it was professionally restored and officially released on CD for the first time by Talking Elephant Records.

Life After Beggars' Hill - John Davis

Since 1995, John has been self-employed, having established his own electronics design consultancy, JDA Electronic Design, in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

"I am what apparently is known in the industry as a 'Fred in a shed' which is fine by me, and I do work for a number of other 'Freds' in related fields".

You can find out more about JDA Electronic Design, at

I’m still playing bass with Captain Swing, a five piece English Ceilidh Band based in the West Midlands. Visit the website at

John Davis in 2003 (third from left)

John Davis in 2003 (third from left)

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John Davis in 1975
John Davis in 1975