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This is the story of the Beggars' Hill folk-rock album from 1976 which is now much sought-after by collectors of vinyl records. In 2010 it was professionally restored and officially released on CD for the first time by Talking Elephant Records.


Thanks are due to the following people for their kind assistance:

For writing their recollections, (in alphabetical order) John Bishop, Peter Butcher, John Davis, Peter Sharp, Neil Stanford, Jo and Chris Walker, and hopefully more to follow.

For the original photographs (credit for those marked unknown will be added when discovered):
  • Betty Battley, Jo's mother, for Flyntlocke in Jo's garden in Stoneleigh in 1971,
  • Peter McCreanor, Jo's boyfriend at the time, for Flyntlocke in concert at Ewell Tech in 1972,
  • Surrey Comet newspaper for Chris & Dave at The Castle Singers Club, Kingston-upon-Thames in 1973,
  • (unknown) for JM, Chris & Dave at King Bill Folk Club, Ewell High Street in 1973-4,
  • Folk Review magazine for photos of guests at King Bill Folk Club, Ewell High Street in 1973-4,
  • (unknown) for rehearsals at JM's home in Banstead in 1975,
  • (unknown) for the recording sessions at Sun Recording Studio, Reading in 1975,
  • BBC Worldwide Music for John Rodd with the Albion Dance Band in 1976,
  • Electronics Weekly magazine for Marc Isherwood in 2002,
  • Janice Frohnsdorff and John Bishop for photos at the reunion at Jo & Chris' home in Emsworth in 2003.
For Basic Website Design evening classes at Isle of Wight College, and advice and guidance on creating this website, Samuel Adams.

For permission to copy emails onto this website, Chuck from the US, and Oli from Belgium.

For their decision to release the album on CD, Barry and Malcolm of Talking Elephant Records, and Kingsley Abbott for writing the sleeve notes.

To all our families for their support, especially Betty & Ron Battley, Louise & Charles Davis, Jean & Colin Frohnsdorff, and Len & Queenie (Lizzie) Sharp, and to our partners and children for their interest in our lives before they became part of them.

The design and content of this website, including conversion into digital form and editing of the music, photos and other images, was carried out by David Frohnsdorff. Apologies for any errors and omissions - let me know and I'll try to fix them.

Dave Frohnsdorff (bass) & Pete Roberts (drums) in the recording studio
Dave Frohnsdorff (bass) & Pete Roberts (drums) in the recording studio

JM Davis (dulcimer) rehearsing at home
JM Davis (dulcimer) rehearsing at home

Pete Roberts & Neil Stanford during a break in rehearsals
Pete Roberts & Neil Stanford during a break in rehearsals